Looking for technical sailing gear that doesn't skimp on comfort and aesthetic? You'll love Magic Marine apparel. Designed in the Netherlands, this tough foul-weather sailing apparel is appropriate for everyone from Olympic sailors to dinghy racers and cruisers. Landfall® carries an extensive selection of Magic Marine dinghy spray gear, base layers, mid-layers, neoprene apparel, wetsuits, fleece tops, gloves, footwear and bags made with the brand's advanced technologies that will keep you calm, dry and warm in the face of inclement weather. Landfall's Magic Marine online shop include sailing gear for warm and cold weather.

Featuring the brand's proprietary DryTec fabric that dries three times faster than standard neoprene, Magic Marine wetsuits are ideal for highly active sailors. Their selection of neoprene racing gear includes performance vests, pants and tops that are engineered for long-term performance in the face of regular abuse, while their advanced polyester rash guards provide exceptional UV protection and moisture wicking. The Landfall® team loves Magic Marine dinghy boots and their popular Pro Racing Harness with a reinforced Cordura seat and neoprene leg straps for no-nonsense racers. Be sure to shop our Magic Marine sale for awesome deals.