To regulate your body temperature in cold conditions it's best to use the Layering Principle. With several layers of clothing you can accomplish more warmth because of different reasons. First of all heat is trapped between each layer of clothing, keeping you warmer. Secondly the characteristics of each layer has a big contribution to warmth. Magic Marine uses three basic layers with different materials for Dry- and Wetsuits. Protection - Insulation - Moisture Transport

Layering Principle for Drysuits Base Layer: This layer is on the skin. This material transports moisture away from the body, while containing bodyheat.

Insulating Layer: On top of the Base Layer is the Insulating Layer. This serves to insulate the body and conserve bodyheat. To insulate we use Fleece, for its great insulating characteristics.

Outer Shell: The final layer provides a barrier to wind and water. In our Drysuit we use breathable material to avoid moisture inside.