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Hiking Pants, Knee Pads, and Trapeze and Deck Harnesses

Hike better with these dinghy hiking pants, trapeze harnesses, sailing knee pads and dinghy hiking accessories by your favorite brands. We have the best dinghy hiking gear, including standalone pads, which can turn work under any dinghy gear you own. We also sell sailing knee pads for hiking that feature open backs for exceptional flexibility and breathability.

  • Bowman's Kit-Spinlock Mast-Pro Harness

    Bowman's Kit-Spinlock Mast-Pro Harness

    Now $159.00
    Code: SBHM-PSG-KIT
  • ATN Mastclimber

    ATN Mastclimber

    Code: HATMASTC

Magic Marine, Gill and Zhikmanufacture high-performance dinghy racing harnesses that are comfortable, adjustable and contoured for enhanced movement and riding comfort. Choose from a full-featured Magic Marine trapeze harness with add-ons like buckle release ropes and leg straps or opt for a Magic Marine harness with simple, adjustable parts that won't get stuck on lines. Every harness in this section has been employee tested and approved by Landfall® for quality and safety.