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Hiking Pants, Knee Pads, and Trapeze and Deck Harnesses

The best dinghy hiking and trapeze brands - Magic Marine, Gill, Sea Gear, more.

Hiking Pants
Hiking Pants

Hiking pants are garments worn for the specific purpose of making hiking more effective or easier. Most hiking pants incoorporate a hard batten along the back of the thight to provide support and expand the surface area on the leg for better and longer hiking.

Trapeze Harnesses
Trapeze Harnesses

Landfall goes to considerable lengths to find and purchase only the best and safest harnesses for high performance dinghy racing. Every harness in this section has been employee tested and approved. If you have questions about proper fit or trapeze safety please feel free to give us a call at (203)487-0775, OR stop by the store for a custom fit and try your harness out here at the store before purchasing it.

Hiking Equipment and Accessories
Hiking Equipment and Accessories

Sailing Knee Pads

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