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Mustang EP 38 Hydrostatic Inflatable Re-Arm Kit

Re-Arm Kit: MA5283
for Model Number: MD6284
To re-arm your PFD, you will first remove the old inflation equipment. You will then put in new inflation equipment from Mustang Survival's Re-Arm Kit MA5283.

The re-arm kit includes:
  • Inflator removal key (A)
  • Inflator body and cylinder (B). The “inflator body” refers to the black circular disc attached to the CO2 cylinder. The inflator body has an indicator, which must show green for re-arming
  • Inflator cap and pull-handle (C) (Fig. 13). The “inflator cap” refers to the yellow piece and its black locking ring together. The inflator cap has an indicator as well as an expiration date. For re-arming, the indicator must show green and the expiration date must be in the future.

  • #SMA5283 $87.99
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