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WeatherLogger II
w/ Weather View 32 Software

WeatherLogger II – Maximum’s latest breakthrough for wireless instruments.

No time to collect weather data, log information and reset recorders every day? Let WeatherLogger II do it for you. WeatherLogger II stores weather data from your Maximum wireless instruments, when your PC is off or being used for something else. It can hold up to 4,086 records before it must download to your PC, and works with Weather View 32 software. WeatherLogger II uses non-volatile memory and has a battery backup on its clock to prevent data loss during power outages.

Maximum WeatherLogger II Hardware:
  • Data storage at user-defined intervals of every 1 to 1,440 minutes
  • Storage capacity of 4,086 records before download
  • Adjustable Baud rate that can be set for all standard values from 300 to 115200
  • Compatibility mode so that it works with any software written for the original WeatherLogger
    (Note: compatibility mode limits the number of records to 300)

  • Weather View 32 Software Standard
    Simple to use version for individual interested in acquiring and storing their weather station's data. Real-time weather related features fully enabled (screen shot above right). 100 user configured real-time monitoring screen. Access 5 beautiful screens by pressing 1-5 keys. Create and upload weather page images hourly to your website. CWOP and Weather Underground uploads supported. Audible alarms. Radar, forecasts, satellite images, and computer model data available via internet. Reports and graphs. Historical climate data for 8200 U.S. locations.

    Weather View 32 Software Professional
    All the features of the Standard Edition as well as able to upload/ download from the internet as often as every five minutes. Publish weather data on the internet as images and/ or html pages. Download METAR data, satellite images, web cam images, and text forecasts. All features enabled. Animate satellite images. Alarms via numeric page or email. Email current data at specified times daily. And much, much more.

    Maximum WeatherLogger II comes bundled with either the Standard or Professional version of Weather View 32 software.

    Maximum WeatherLogger II
    #MLOG2 List Price $495.00Only $445.50

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