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Limited Master,
Mate & Operator License

This is the latest edition of a course marketed and continuously revised since 1970 to prepare candidates for all "lower-level" deck license exams from 25 up to 1,600 gross tons.

Every original exam for a U.S. Coast Guard endorsement including Apprentice Mate/Steersman and Able Seaman calls for knowledge of the Navigation Rules. In addition to the Navigation Rules, Books 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 will prepare you for Master, Mate, and Operator endorsements to 100 gross register tons (GRT). You will need to study subjects in Books 6 & 7 for larger tonnage endorsements up to 1,600 GRT (3,000 tons ITC). Towing vessel officer endorsement candidates need to begin their studies with the Navigation Rules and then move to the Towing Vessel Officer’s Guide and then on to additional exam subjects marked [T]. However, candidates for towing endorsements limited to the Western Rivers need not study chapters 15, 17, 27, 29, 30, 31, & 32.

The smallest Coast Guard license is an operator of uninspected passenger vessels (OUPV) license, previously called a "Motorboat Operator" ("MBO") and commonly called a "six-pack" license. This license allows you to operate uninspected passenger vessels including sail and auxiliary sailing vessels while carrying six or less "passengers" including at least one "passenger for hire" on the waters designated on the license. You must hold this license if you operate any vessel as a charter boat or carry even one "passenger for hire" - a term that is very strictly defined. Caution: Before considering carrying "passengers for hire" on a recreational vessel, check with your insurance carrier!

The OUPV license is also prized by yachtsmen and members of various boating organizations who are proficient in operating their vessels and seek a Coast Guard license as a form of professional recognition.

It is a license widely used by small charter fishing boat captains. The OUPV license is the only Coast Guard license that can be issued to non-U.S. citizens, but is restricted to operating state numbered (i.e., "non-documented") vessels under five gross tons.


Chapter  1 – Coast Guard Credentialing Information [T] (24 pages). CRED-1

Chapter  2 – Drug and Alcohol Testing [T] (22pages). DAT-1

Chapter  3 – Manning [T] (30 pages). MAN-1

Chapter  4 – First Aid and Medical Care [T] [S] [AB] (40 pages). FA-1

Chapter  5 – Pollution Control [T] [S] [AB] (142 pages). PC-1

Chapter  6 – Nautical Terms and Ship Construction [T] (36 pages). TERM-1

Chapter  7 – Practical Stability [T] [S] (96 pages) . STAB-1



Chapter  8 – Marlinspike Seamanship, Purchases, and Safe Practices [T] [D] [AB](68 pages). SEA-1

Chapter  9 – Anchoring, Mooring, and Line Handling [T] [D] [AB] (46 pages). A&M-1

Chapter 10 – Maneuvering and Handling [T] [D] [AB] (58 pages). M&H-1

Chapter 11 – Sail and Auxiliary Sail Addendum [S] (16 pages). SAIL-1

Chapter 12 – Basic Principles of Watchkeeping [T] [D] [AB] (26 pages). WAT-1

Chapter 13 – Radiotelephone Communications [T] [S] (62 pages). C-1

Chapter 14 – Emergency Procedures [T] [D] [S] [AB] (52 pages). EMER-1

Chapter 15 – Survival at Sea [T] [S] [AB] (30 pages). SAS-1



Chapter 16 – Rules and Regulations for Uninspected Vessels [T] [S] (40 pages). RRC-1

Chapter 17 – Rules and Regulations for Small Passenger Vessels [S](130 pages). RRT-1

Chapter 18 – Lifesaving Appliances for Small Passenger Vessels (44 pages). LST-1

Chapter 19 – Fires, Firefighting and Fire Prevention [T] [S] [AB] (116 pages). FF-1

Chapter 20 – Ship Power Plants [S](14 pages). ENG-1



Chapter 21 – Weather Systems and Forecasting [T] [N] (80 pages). W-1

Chapter 22 – Reference Publications [T] [N] (40 pages). PUB-1

Chapter 23 – Aids to Navigation [T] [N] [AB] (68 pages). A/N-1

Chapter 24 – Electronic Navigation [T] [N] (44 pages). ENAV-1

Chapter 25 – Radar Observer Certificate [T] (2 pages). RO-1

Chapter 26 – Chart Navigation [T] [N] (54 pages). CNAV-1

Chapter 27 – Principles of Magnetic and Gyrocompasses [T] [N] [P] (36 pages). COMP-1



Chapter 28 – Basic Piloting [T] [P] (150 pages) . P-1

Chapter 29 – Chart Plotting [T] (42 pages) . PLOT-1

Chapter 30 – Tide and Tidal Current Publications [T] [N] (36 pages). TCP-1

Chapter 31 – Tide and Tidal Current Calculations [T] [N] [P] (28 pages). TCC-1

Chapter 32 – Local Knowledge [T] (8 pages). OCMI-1

Chapter 33 – Compass Correction at Sea [N] [P] (24 pages). CCS-1



Chapter 34 – Ship’s Business [T] [D] (92 pages). SB-1

Chapter 35 – Ship Sanitation [T] [S] (18 pages) . SS-1

Chapter 36 – Temporary Repairs [T] [D] (26 pages). TR-1

Chapter 37 – Operational and Safety Information [T] [D] [S] (122 pages). OSI-1

Chapter 38 – Tank Safety [T] [S] (30 pages). TS-1

Chapter 39 – Ice Operations and Ice Navigation [T] [D] (32 pages). ICE-1



Chapter 40 – Rules and Regulations for Offshore Supply Vessels [S] (60 pages). OSV-1

Chapter 41 – Cargo Handling and Stowage [D] (84 pages). CHS-1

Chapter 42 – National Maritime Law (18 pages). LAW-1

Chapter 43 – International Maritime Organization [S] (24 pages). IMO-1

Chapter 44 – Signaling [S] (32 pages). SIG-1

Chapter 45 – Ocean Current Systems [N] (10 pages). OCS-1

Chapter 46 – Search and Rescue Procedures (2 pages). SAR-1

Chapter 47 – Automated Mutual–Assistance Vessel Rescue System [S] (28 pages). AMVER-1

Chapter 48 – Navigation Safety Regulations [T] (20 pages). NSR-1

Chapter 49 – Fuel Conservation [P] (16 pages). FC-1

Chapter 50 – Speed by RPM [P] (8 pages). RPM-1



Types of Multiple Choice Deck Exam Questions

[D] = “Deck General” Questions

[S] = “Safety and Pollution” Questions

[N] = “Navigation General” Questions

[P] = “Plotting Problems” & other Math Problems.

[NR] = “Navigation Rules” Questions


Other Symbols:

[AB] = Part of an Able Seaman & Lifeboatman Course

[T] = Part of a Towing officer Course

[WE] = Part of a Workboat Engineer Course


Regulations allow certain Master and Mate licenses to be endorsed for use on "sail" or "auxiliary sail" vessels and for ocean and coastwise waters if you can document adequate "sea service" on such vessels.

The Operator of Uninspected Towing Vessels (OUTV) license is valid for unlimited tonnage on inland waters, Western Rivers and the Great Lakes, but only up to 200 gross tons on "near coastal" waters. This "operator" license is restricted to use on uninspected towing vessels while a Master's license does not contain this restriction. We expect to see the OUTV license replaced by Master and Mate licenses in the future although existing study material will still apply to these new licenses. [Refer to CGD 94-055.]

This license study course, the most complete and comprehensive on the market, contains most of the study material you need to prepare for these licenses except for plotting sheets, training charts, Chart No. 1, maneuvering boards, and plotting tools.

The subjects included in the course are listed by book. We use "genuine" Coast Guard exam questions with explanatory comments and other instructional questions with our text material; most questions use a multiple choice format with the correct answers indicated. In spite of obvious limitations, this type of question encourages self-teaching and self-testing and lets you evaluate your own progress. These questions cover the subjects touched upon by the Coast Guard exam in all areas. Considerable text material, glossaries, illustrations, notes, and study guides are provided in addition to the questions. We provide detailed license application instructions in our License Study Recommendations (LSR) in which we hope to provide meaningful information and guidance before calling on you to buy anything.

The course is constantly updated and revised to keep abreast of the latest changes and developments. The course serves as a gateway for advancement to a number of other U.S. Coast Guard licenses and bridges the gap between commercial boat operations and the "lower-level" licenses (i.e., licenses less than 1,600 gross tons) and deep-sea, "upper-level" Master, Chief Mate, Second and Third Mate merchant marine licenses described later in this catalog.

Limited Master, Mate & Operator License

Study Book 1
Coast Guard Licensing In.(LIC) , Drug and Alcohol Testing (DAT) , Manning (MAN) , First Aid & Medical Care (FA) , Pollution Control (PC) , Nautical Terms & ShP Con(TERM) , Practical Stability (STAB)

#BPA018 $104.97

Study Book 2
Marlinspike Seamanship (SEA) Anchoring Mooring (A&M) Maneuvering & Handling (M&H) Sail & Aux. Sail Adden (SAIL) Basic Principles Wtchkp (WAT) Radiotelephone Commun.(C) Emergency Procedures (EMER) Survival at Sea (SAS)

#BPA019 $91.97

Study Book 3
Rules & Regs Unin Vsls (RRC) , Rules & Regs Pass. Vsls (RRT) , Lifesaving Appl Pass Vsl (LST) , Fires, Firefightng & Prev (FF) , Ship Power Plants (ENG)

#BPA020 $88.97

Study Book 4.
Weather Systems & Forcast (W) , Reference Publication (PUB) , Aids to Navigation (A/N) , Electronic Navigation (ENAV) , Radar Observer Certicate (RO) , Chart Navigation (CNAV) , Principles of Mag & Gyro(COMP)

#BPA021 $83.97

Study Book 5
Basic Piloting (P) , Chart Plotting (PLOT) , Tide & Current Publicat (TCP) , Tide & Current Calculat (TCC) , Local Knowledge (OCMI) , Compass Correction at Sea(CCS)

#BPA022 $74.97

Study Book 6
Ship's Business (SB) , Ship Sanitation (SS) , Temporary Repairs (TR) , Operation & Safety Info (OSI) , Tank Safety (TS) , Ice Operation & Nav. (ICE)

#BPA023 $82.97

Study Book 7
Rules & Regs. for OSV (OSV) Cargo Handling & Stow (CHS) National Maritime Law (LAW) Internation Maritime Org.(IMO) Signaling (SIG) Ocean Current Systems (OCS) Search & Rescue Procedure(SAR) Auto Mutual Ass.Res.Sy (AMVER) Navigation Safety Regs. (NSR) Fuel Conservation (FC) Speed by RPM (RPM)

#BPA024 $85.97