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Pains Wessex
Linethrower 250

50070 Linethrower 250 Body & Line
50080 Linethrower Rocket

A self-contained line-throwing unit consisting of a weatherproof plastic casing with end cap, twist-grip trigger assembly, rocket and line. Fully compliant to the latest international SOLAS legislation, the device has a throwing range of between 230m and 250m and meets world-wide approval standards. A solid propellant is used which guarantees a highly accurate flight path even in strong sidewinds. All line throwing operations at sea between vessels, ship to shore, shore to ship and shore based rescue services.
Pains Wessex Linethrower 250 Data Sheet (.pdf)

Product Specification:
  • Projects a line to a nominal range of 250m in calm conditions.
  • Length: 330 mm (13.0)
  • Height: 313 mm (12.3)
  • Diameter: 205 mm (8.1)
  • Weight: 4.3 kg (9.5 lb)
  • Explosive content: 113 g (3.96 oz)
  • Line breaking strain: 2 kn
  • Product life: Body and line kit: 9 years maximum, Rocket 3 years maximum

  • Package includes: 50070 Linethrower 250 Body & Line & a 50080 Linethrower Rocket

    Spare rockets (50080) are available to replace consumed or time expired rockets, please contact us directly for these.

    Pains Wessex Linethrower 250
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