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Mustang Survival
Inflatable Vest
w/ L.I.F.T. PFD


MD0450 Hydrostatic Automatic
USCG/A! Type V

The Inflatable Vest with LIFT PFD, featured in the Mustang OCX line, delivers a high level of safety for users in variable wind and wave conditions by elevating the wearers mouth out of the water by up to 9 inches (23cm). Known as freeboard, this increase in elevation has been shown to reduce underwater mouth immersions by 80%, increasing the chance of survival in accidental immersion situations.

A perfect product fit for performance sailors and power boaters, the Inflatable Vest with LIFT PFD is also an excellent choice for individuals who desire added protection. Constructed with a highly durable wind and waterproof fabric, the vest is a lightweight product designed with a shorter length and a low and flexible profile ensuring users maximum mobility during even the most rigorous activities. A removable sailing harness is available for purchase separately (see below).
The LIFT System
LIFT [Life-saving Inflatable Flotation Technology] is a revolutionary flotation cell system, designed to lift you out of the water, & keep you there. By elevating the body & maintaining an upright position, LIFT ensures that you’re less likely to swallow water caused by rough seas & chop. And by keeping more of you out of the water, it delays hypothermia.

The LIFT cell design delivers over 40 pounds of buoyancy & about 9" of freeboard (distance between the water’s surface & your mouth) — the highest ever seen in a PFD. LIFT is light, comfortable, & ergonomically designed. You can’t even tell you’re wearing it until you need it.

MD0450 Hammar 1F Hydrostatic Automatic Inflation
The hydrostatic inflator needs only to be submerged 4 inches (10 cm) for the hydrostatic pressure to open a pressure valve releasing a firing mechanism, automatically inflating the PFD or when wearer pulls activation cord.

Color: Red only. $395.68 $339.99
[Hammar 1F Hydrostatic Automatic Inflation is also featured on the MD3183 & MD3184]


Mustang LIFT Inflatable PFD

Mustang MA7218 Hydrostatic Inflator Re-arm KitMustang MA7218 Hydrostatic Inflator Re-arm KitMA7218
Auto Hydrostatic inflator cap, body (including cylinder), and re-arming instructions. For model MD0450.

#SMA7218 List Price $80.00Only $59.95

Removable Sailing HarnessRemovable Sailing HarnessMA1900
The MA1900 sailing harness is excellent for increased safety in very rough weather. It can be installed in seconds into the Inflatable Vest with LIFT PFD in rough weather and removed again when weather is calmer. It provides non-restrictive comfort and features high quality stainless steel double D-rings and 2" webbing tested to over 4000 lb. This harness exceeds ORC standards.