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Man Overboard
Recovery System


It's one thing to get the boat back to a man overboard. Getting the man back in the boat can be far more difficult, especially if the victim is unconscious. The USCG-approved Life Sling 2 is the most compact, economical, and effective solid lifesaver unit on the high seas. Stanchion-mounted, the Lifesling2 pack contains a pliable center section horseshoe, 120' of 3/8" floating polypropylene line, and an optional water-activated personal marker light. Lifesling2The idea is to deliver contact instantly to the crew in the water, facilitating short-handed retrieval without losing time (and, quite possibly, losing sight of your crew). A hoist and tackle system is another option designed to help bring even your beefiest crew aboard safely, even if injured, unconscious, or in atrocious sea conditions.
Lifesling3 MOB Recovery System Manual (.pdf)

Lifesling3 vs. Lifesling2
flotation collar: 21 lb. buoyancy
150' of floating retrieval line
24"H x 15.75"W x 6.75"D
flotation collar: 20 lb. buoyancy
125' of floating retrieval line
22"H x 12.5"W x 5"D
Looking for the Inflatable Lifesling?

Lifesling 3 - Unit in Rigid Case

complete Lifesling3
meets ISAF specifications
includes rail mounting hardware

#SLING3List Price $329.99Only $295.00

Lifesling 2 - Unit in White Rail Bag

complete Lifesling2
the ACR Hemi-Light Automatic Light attaches easily!

#SLING2List Price $175.99Only $139.95

White Rail Bag

replacement bag only
  • Lifesling2 (above) $39.95
  • Lifesling (original) $49.95

  • #SRLBW (-)List Price $60.49Only $39.95

    Deluxe Canvas Replacement Bag

    replacement bag for Lifesling2 only


    Rigid Case

    fits Original Lifesling, Lifesling2 or Lifesling3 replacement case only


    Sailboat Lifting Tackle System 3 - 1 Ratio


    Power boat Lifting Tackle System 5 - 1 Ratio

    #STKLE 5-1$299.95

    Railmount Kit

    3 piece kit for mounting the Rigid case (#SLHPC23 or #SLING3) fits 7/8'' to 1'' rails


    Water Activated Marker Light

    by ACR, L8-7 Rescue Light (Model# 3762)
    replaced by the ACR Hemi-Light2

    Yellow Rail Bag

    replacement bag only

    not for Lifesling2

    Unit in Yellow Rail Bag

    complete original Lifesling

    Unit in White Rail Bag

    complete original Lifesling

    Unit in Rigid Case

    complete original Lifesling

    Unit for Commercial Vessels

    complete Commercial Lifesling

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