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Life-Safer Personal Retriever


PN: 222 (PR-3500)
The Personal Retriever is a frisbee like throwable static water rescue device which is made of flexible EPE (expanded polythene) foam, a balance of durability and softness to avoid injury. The Personal Retriever comes with a development & inspection training video on CD-ROM to ensure you can use the retriever as effectively as possible. It comes with 100 feet of throwing line and can be easily stowed away as it comes in a yellow carry case.

Life-Safer Personal Retriever specifications:
  • Life-Safer Personal RetrieverReach: 100 feet
  • Buoyancy: 11.24 pounds*
    *[The UK accept 50 Newton / 11 pounds of buoyancy now required in the Type 50 Buoyancy Aids as sufficient to keep a conscious person afloat]
  • Deployment time: 10 seconds or less
  • Re-deployment time: 45 seconds or less
  • Material: Soft Expanded Polyethylene Foam Top and Propylene Base
  • Diameter: 17 inches
  • Weight: 1.5 pounds ,/li>
  • Training Time: One hour or less
  • Life-Safer Personal RetrieverRope: 650 pound test buoyant 3/16 inch polypropylene
  • Design: Aero-dynamic and hydro-dynamic rotating wing
  • Wind penetration: Full extension into 15-knot winds
  • Coating: Petroleum resistant plasti-coat

  • Package includes: Personal Retriever, Stowage pouch, paper manual, and media CD-ROM.


    Man Overboard
    Man Overboard

    Lifesling, markers, throw ring, whistle