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Lifejacket USCG 5-Pack

One low price for FIVE USCG Type II Adult Keyhole life jackets (#SF300) in a grab and go storage bag (#SKEN4210).

Type II
  • Near Shore
  • 15.5lb. buoyancy
  • Yoke Style
  • Regardless of length, your vessel is required to carry aboard enough life jackets to go around for everyone above or below decks. We carry the PFDs you need for the USCG (Near Shore Type II's) and up to the Type I SOLAS PFD which provides over 35 pounds of buoyancy - 13 pounds more than a conventional Off-Shore Type I PFD. It has retro-reflective patches, corrosion-resistant fastenings, and comes in international safety orange. All Yoke PFD stow flat and boxy to reduce storage space.

    USCG Approved Type II
  • Near Shore
  • 15.5lb. buoyancy

  • Adult (#SF300/#SF305) or Child (#SF310/#SF320) sizes

    #SLJGG List Price $84.70Only $75.00