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Daniamant L40
Instrinsically Safe
Lifebuoy Light

Daniamant #64-7001N Iss 5 (formerly McMurdo)
L40 Instructions (.pdf)

The only water activated Intrinsically Safe Lifebuoy Light in the World. Fully MED and IMO SOLAS approval, approved to both ATEX (ITS02ATEX3047X) and IECEx (ITS07.0001X) standards it is the only choice for hazardous installations such as offshore oil rigs, gas and oil tankers. The L40 is both corrosion and tamper proof, and the batteries cannot be removed or expended accidentally. It also uses the most reliable water activated silver chloride technology. The lamp is sealed within a tough, polycarbonate dome.

Technical Specifications
  • Use: M (for use in hazardous zones 1 and 2 )
  • Output light: 2.0cd
  • Dome type: Plain
  • Light type: Steady
  • Operating temperature: 30oF to 86oF
  • Storage temperature: -22oF to 149oF
  • Storage life: 5 years
  • Battery type: Magnesium/Silver Chloride cells
  • Activation: Water
  • Weight: 2.33 oz
  • Dimensions: 11.50" x 6.23"

  • NO LONGER AVAILABLE. Check out the Daniamant L161 Lifebuoy Light

    Daniamant L161 Lifebuoy Light
    Daniamant L161 Lifebuoy Light