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Lifeboat Safety Matches

These are the best windproof and waterproof survival matches we have ever seen! Ideal for starting fires in extreme weather conditions. Great for camping, boats, emergency kits, etc. Used internationally on ocean liner lifeboats, SAS British Military and by NATO Military troops (NATO Approval# 9920-99-966-9432).

Burns for 10-15 seconds each. Includes a
  • Waterproof Plastic Container (2.5" H x 1.25" dia.) containing
  • 25 Wind/Waterproof Safety Matches (Mk.2) and a
  • Waterproof Striker Lid.

  • Can't be extinguished - even in gale force winds, rain, or after immersion in water.

    Lifeboat Safety Matches
    #SRLBM List Price $6.99Only $5.95

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    Abandon Ship Bag Supplies

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