Lewmar: Blocks, Clutches, Travellers & Winches

Since 1946, Lewmar has been making high-quality marine hardware and parts, beginning with their first dinghy fittings. Since then, they've evolved to offer some of the best sailboat hardware, winches, clutches, travelers, blocks and more constructed using innovative materials and unique manufacturing techniques. Their high-load racing blocks and hardware are all hewn from a single piece of high-strength aluminum to ensure robust, high-performance use during racing and cruising in all conditions. Lewmar is just one of several brands offered in Landfall's® huge assortment of marine hardware and parts.

Lewmar Blocks

Lewmar Travellers
Lewmar Travellers

Lewmar Clutches & Cleats

Landfall® offers one of the most expansive selections of Lewmar blocks, including fiddle blocks and snatch blocks, designed to ease sail handling for sailors at every level. Some Lewmar blocks are designed for easy adjustment and reduced line diameters, with excellent efficiency at high loads. Lewmar's award-winning rope clutches and cleats are preferred because they feature a unique grip pattern that prevents rope fray plus a handy clutch configuration that lets users straighten lines without alarm. Landfall® also offers impressive Lewmar travelers for a broad range of applications.