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With nearly 200,000 boats in 140 countries, the Laser is clearly the world’s most popular adult and youth racing sailboat. The Laser was created to get sailors on the water with minimal fuss with a lightweight hull, a two-part free-standing mast and sleeved sail.

The Laser is one-design boat so every Laser around the world is identical. Races are won by sailing ability, not by equipment advantages.

The Laser comes in three distinct models: the full-rig Laser, Laser Radial and Laser 4.7. Each uses exactly the same hull and equipment with the exception of only the sails and bottom spar, which can be changed to accommodate sailors of different ages, abilities, and weights.

Many of the world’s top sailors come through the Laser ranks, and both the Laser and Radial are current Olympic classes.

The Laser’s simplicity, popularity and one-design nature make it very economical with a high resale value. Whether it’s a local club race or the World Championships, every Laser has exactly the same chance of winning. And a young sailor can go all the way to the top of the sport in the same hull.

Full Rig Laser
The Laser's timeless design is by far the most popular adult and youth racing boat worldwide. It is raced by many of the world’s top sailors and has been an Olympic class since 1996. The Laser’s full size rig rewards athleticism and is best for heavier, more experienced sailors, but it can easily be converted to a Radial or 4.7 by changing just the sail and bottom spar.

  • World’s most popular adult racer
  • Raced by the world’s top sailors
  • Fast planing hull
  • Retains excellent resale value
  • Easy to transport on most cars
  • Quick to rig and launch
  • ISAF international class
  • Strict one-design rules
  • Extensive regatta schedule: local- worldwide

  • length ft/m 13.78 4.20
    beam ft/m 4.56 1.39
    draft ft/m 2.62 0.80
    sail area ft²/m² 75.99 7.06
    hull weight lb/kg 130.00 58.97
    capacity   1-2 people
    skill level   beg-exp
    race level   club-Olympic
    optimal weight lb/kg 160/190 73/86
    transport   cartoppable

    #laserboats $5,725.00
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    Laser RadialLaser RadialPopular racing class for small adults, women and youth.

    #laserradial $5,725.00
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    Laser 4.7Laser 4.7A Laser hull with a smaller sail plan for lighter sailors.

    #laser4point7 $5,725.00
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