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If you're a Laser sailor, you probably love the boat's classic simplicity and superior performance, so you don't want to give it anything but the best. Shop Landfall® for all your Laser sailboat parts, as we've got parts for Laser Radial, Laser 4.7 and the classic Laser. Whether you're looking for a Laser hull cover for safe off-season storage or want to upgrade your Laser with new spars, Landfall® is the choice retailer. Landfall's® very own rigger, Eric Magnuson, is a Laser racer himself and has developed a variety of curated Laser upgrade kits called the MAGNUM collection, available in our upgrades section.

Browse our selection of Laser sails to find a good-looking and high-quality Laser 4.7 sail, Laser Radial sail or Laser sail. These sails are made by Laser Performance, WinDesign and other top brands and may be ordered with battens, telltales, sail numbers and more from Landfall®. We also stock plenty of hardware, blades, rudder parts and lines for Laser sailboats as well as rugged Laser covers and travel gear in our great selection. Stock up on your favorite Laser parts and receive free shipping on orders over $150.