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Landfall Custom "MAGNUM"
6 to 1 Cunningham for Laser

Our excellent custom Cunningham kit offers exceptional performance with smooth action and perfectly spliced lines

Landfall Custom "MAGNUM" 6 to 1 Cunningham for Laser
#HLMCK $109.99

  • Description
Landfall offers a variety of Laser rigging options to meet your performance and pricing needs. The 6:1 purchase of the Magnum Cunningham offers a great compromise between the need to flatten out the sail upwind, and the need to quickly release at the windward mark. The system is designed for ease of use and rigging. The only knot you will tie when you rig the Magnum cunningham is the stopper knot or bowline you hold on to. The hardware is all Harken T-18 blocks for maximum weight savings, and ease of use in fully spliced rigging system. All lines are spliced for strength and security. The cascade line is 2.5mm Marlow D12-78 Max. This heat set Dyneema has zero stretch and creep for precise adjustments. The cleated line is 4mm red New England Endura Braid Euro. This line has a Dyneema core for zero stretch, and a polyester cover which is more abrasion resistant than most other options. Unspliced ends are finished with palm and needle whippings for durability.