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Celectial Navigaton - Required Course Materials

Celectial Navigaton - Required Course Materials

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Celectial Navigaton - Required Course Materials


This kit includes all the required course materials for the Advanced Celestial Navigation Course. Note, you will need these items for your class.


Site Reduction Tables:

The Sight Reduction Tables for Air Navigation are published in three volumes. Volume I, used by both the marine and air navigator, contains the altitude and azimuth values of seven selected stars for the complete ranges of latitude and hour angle of Aries. These seven stars represent the best selection for observation at any given position and time, and provide the data for presetting instruments before observation and for sight reduction afterwards. Volumes II and III cover latitudes 0-40 and 39-89 respectively and are primarily used by the air navigator in conjunction with observations of celestial bodies to calculate the geographic position of the observer.

Nautical Almanac:

Presents data for use in astronomical navigation at sea. Includes Jupiter, Saturn, selected stars, our Sun, our Moon a twilight, Sunrise, Sunset, Moonrise, and Moonset. Includes "Index to Selected Stars, 2000" and "Altitude correction tables for Sun, stars, planets" on a separate sheet.


Plotting Sheets:

These are also known as VP-OS sheets. graduated circle printed at the center allows meridians of longitude to be constructed for any latitude, thus creating, custom-made chart for any geographical position. Pad of 50 sheets.

Parallel Rules:

These navigator's parallel rulers are inscribed with full 180_ protractor markings. The middle of the bottom edge forms the protractor center when the arms are closed. This tool combines the essential features of a protractor plotter and a basic parallel ruler. Allows courses to be measured from, convenient meridian. Made of extra strong, crystal clear acrylic.


These robustly built dividers weigh only a oz. and are heftier than standard size dividers. Made in Germany of a coated marine alloy to resist corrosion. Gear synchronized arms allow one hand use and provide excellent point alignment while the center wheel, extension bar construction allows for fast action and precision adjustments.

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