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You Can Learn
Celestial Navigation!

Celestial Navigation Simplified VideoIf you’ve thought about learning celestial, but didn't know quite where to begin, here's everything you need to get started. With these plus the Nautical Almanac and Sight Reduction Tables, you could navigate the world.
The Celestial Navigation Mystery: Solved Book

With this kit you will receive:
  • #ND026 - Davis Mark 15 Sextant*
  • #NP176 - W&P Ultra Light Dividers
  • #NP101 - W&P Protractor Triangle
  • W&P Ultra Light Dividers
  • #NP140 - W&P 12" Parallel Rules
  • #VPOS - A Pad of Universal Plotting Sheets
  • #BHC005 - The Celestial Navigation Mystery: Solved Book, by Capt. David Bell
  • #VN3885 - Celestial Navigation Simplified DVD, by William Buckley

  • (*you can upgrade to some of our other sextants for an additional cost)

    Beginner's Celestial Navigation Kit
    #KCN- List Price $316.82Only $230.00

    New Sextant Collection
    New Sextant Collection

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    Celestial Navigation Books

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