Karver is a relatively new manufacturer of high-tech sailing parts and hardware and makes products that are manufactured with ultra resistant textile materials. Karver sailing products are unique in that they implement innovative materials designed to reduce the overall weight of the sail while still maintaining its shape and power. The comprehensive line of Karver blocks and Karver furlers available at Landfall® is exemplary of the brand's dedication to adding something new to the sailing market.

Karver Sailing Products

At Landfall®, you'll find sailing furlers that are just plain different, including furlers that are drum lockable from the cockpit. These products prevent the sail from accidentally unfurling while eliminating the need for clutches on the furling line. Karver cleats and jammers are made for high-load applications and feature anti-capsizing, anti-crushing capabilities for long-term use. Check out our complete selection of Karver jammers and cleats for more information.