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McMurdo Smartfind S20 AIS SRS


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(formerly Kannad SafeLink R10 SRS AIS)
The McMurdo Smartfind S20 AIS SRS (Survivor Recovery System) is the first of its kind, a personal AIS (Automatic Identification System) [aka: Personal AIS Beacon] device designed to be fitted to a lifejacket and assist in Man Overboard recovery.

The McMurdo Smartfind S20 AIS is specifically designed as a personal search and rescue locating device, it enables those on board a vessel with an AIS chart plotter* to quickly and efficiently locate and retrieve a missing crew member.
McMurdo Smartfind S20 AIS PAB Specification Sheet (.pdf)

McMurdo Smartfind S20 AIS PAB Datasheet (.pdf)

McMurdo Smartfind S20 AIS PABThe Smartfind S20 transmits target survivor information, including structured alert messages, GPS position information and a unique serialized identity number back to the onboard plotter*. An inbuilt high precision GPS receiver provides accurate position information to assist in quick recovery of survivors.

The Smartfind S20 will transmit continuously for a minimum of 24 hours and has a 7 year battery storage life. It also features a flashing LED indicator light; to aid detection at night and a self test facility with battery use indication.

Carrying a Smartfind S20 is a must for every safety conscious sailor. Using this simple to operate, yet state of the art new device ensures the ultimate chance of retrieval in a Man Overboard situation.

Installation and Activation: The Smartfind S20 SRS must be mounted on a lifejacket using the attachment clips provided, prior to going to sea.

McMurdo Smartfind S20 AIS PABThe R10 SRS can be manually activated in two easy steps. First, slide off the orange arming tab. This is normally left in place to avoid accidental activation. With the orange tab released, use this to pull off the red arming cap. This will deploy the antenna and automatically activate the R10 SRS. if professionally* fitted to a lifejacket, the R10 SRS can become semi-automatic in operation; the action of the lifejacket inflating triggers the activation of the R10 SRS.

How Smartfind S20 SRS Works
  • Smartfind S20 SRS must be mounted on a lifejacket using the attachment clips provided, prior to going to sea R10 SRS is activated manually in an emergency situation
  • A unique emergency alert is transmitted to all AIS receivers and AIS enabled chart plotters* within a 4 mile radius (typical)
  • An AIS SAR emergency icon (pictured below) signals the requirement for urgent help in a Man Overboard situation. Precise target survivor information including GPS position becomes viewable when the chart plotter* cursor is positioned over the emergency alert icon
  • Provides exact location, range and bearing to locate person(s) in need of assistance.

  • McMurdo Smartfind S20 AIS
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