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A Maritime History of the
Stamford Waterfront:
Cove Island, Shippan Point and
the Stamford Harbor Shoreline

ISBN: 1609490754 / 9781609490751
by Karen Jewell

Sailors, soldiers, rum chasers, sub chasers and yachters have tied up in Stamford Harbor since the 1640s. The history of this Connecticut waterfront is as diverse as the people who have walked its docks, and columnist and former dockmaster Karen Jewell takes readers through its maritime history, landmarks and unforgettable characters. Jewell explores the history of such institutions as the Stamford Yacht Club and Yacht Haven, now Brewer's Marina, which have anchored premier yachters like William F. Buckley Jr., Harry Connick Jr. and the Forbes family to Stamford. Come aboard for a journey through time and sea, and learn how the Stamford waterfront transformed from a Native American settlement to the bustling port and destination it is today.

  • The beginning years
  • A humble lighthouse with a grand history
  • The cove and canal offer unique opportunities for the waterfront
  • Shippan Point: farmland, summer resort and American Revolution home base
  • Growing up along the waterfront during a magical era
  • The Stamford Yacht Club creates a one-of-a-kind oasis along Stamford harbor
  • Hathaway, Reiser & Raymond : sail makers extraordinaire
  • The Luders legacy
  • The natural charm of the Halloween Yacht Club
  • The breakwater irregulars set sail
  • Notable yachts
  • The waterfront today.

  • Paperback. 128 Pages. Pub 2010.

    Stamford Waterfront
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