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ISAF - ORC - US Sailing - Offshore
Special Regulations Summary
2014 - 2015

This summary document is produced by Landfall Navigation from the 2014-2015 ISAF/ORC Special Regulations with US Sailing Offshore prescription as a guide and does not include all requirements and recommendations. This listing only contains those requirements pertaining to Landfall product offerings. Page numbers indicate where the items are located in Landfall's Outfitting catalog. Reference your NOR for additional exceptions/requirements.

Please reference US SAILING's ISAF ORC Offshore Special Regulations Governing Offshore Racing for Monohulls & Multihulls for full rules and regulations.

Add the Landfall ISAF Offshore Regulation Summary to your cart, call, or download and print a copy by clicking here (.pdf).

ISAF Special Regulations Summary 2014 - 2015