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Revere Rescue Racer XT 2.0

ISO 9650 Approved
ISAF/ORC Approved

The Rescue Racer XT 2.0 is a life raft manufactured to ISAF regulations and ISO approved. Two canopy arch support tubes automatically turn the raft into an upright position. Features a durable double-coated corrosion and abrasion resistant butyl rubber, fully enclosed double-skinned high visibility canopy with reflective tape, fully insulated floor, semi-rigid easy access boarding ramp, large water pockets for maximum stability, and external and internal lights. Includes sea anchor and swivel, knife, bailer, sponge, hand pump, leak stoppers, paddle, whistle, waterproof flashlight, repair kit, flares, first aid, and more. Available in a fabric valise or fiberglass canister.
Revere ISAF Rescue Racer XT 2.0 Data Sheet (.pdf)

High-visibility orange canopy with retro-reflective panels to help speed-up the search and rescue
Simple to close canopy is manufactured to the highest SOLAS standards, providing added protection from harsh ocean environments
High volume water pockets to ensure maximum stability when inflate
Semi-rigid boarding ramp allows for quick, easy and safe boarding
Vacuum-packed in corrosion resistant container for prolonged durability
Interior lifelines to help occupants stabilize themselves during heavy seas
Extended service period of 3 years
Available in two packaging options - a weather-proof valise or tough, lightweight container
Service required only once every 3 years
Revolutionary lightweight and compact container design,
New design features include handles to ensure ease of maneuverability with added document holder
Exterior pressure relief valves ensure excess CO2 is not released into the liferaft
Manufactured from long lasting corrosion and abrasion resistant PVC

Available in Soft Valise or Hard Canister (cradle sold separately)

Standard Accessories: Seasickness bags, Floating anchor, Drinking water, Rescue quoit and line, Repair kit, Sponges, SOLAS approved thermal protective aids, Hand pump, Bailer, Food rations, SOLAS-compliant parachute flares, SOLAS-compliant red hand flares, Users manual and survival instructions, Distress signal table, Water-proof light with spare batteries and bulb, Signal Mirror, Signaling whistle, Floating knife, First aid kit, Sea sickness tablets, Paddles

Capacity Weight Dimensions L" x W" x H"  Retail
45-OISO4V Rescue Racer XT 2.0
4 person Valise
92.5 27.5 x 19.5 x 9 $2645
45-OISO4C Rescue Racer XT 2.0
4 person Container
103.5 31.5 x 22.5 x 8.25 $2845
45-OISO6V Rescue Racer XT 2.0
6 person Valise
95 27.5 x 19.5 x 9 $3195
45-OISO6C Rescue Racer XT 2.0
6 person Container
108 31.5 x 22.5 x 8.25 $3395
45-OISO8V Rescue Racer XT 2.0
8 person Valise
92 31 x 19.5 x 10.25 $3595
45-OISO8C Rescue Racer XT 2.0
8 person Container
112.5 31.5 x 22.5 x 8.25 $3795
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Revere ISAF Rescue Racer XT 2.0

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Container Cradle & Hydrostatic Release UnitContainer Cradle & Hydrostatic Release Unit
Revere ISAF Rescue Racer XT Container Cradle & Hydrostatic Release Unit

#SR-UC XT List Price $695.00Only $595.00