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Locoloc HC-16PL Hydraulic Cable Cutter

Emergency Hydraulic Rigging Cutters

Dismasting at sea is like hari-kiri for your boat unless you can clear the decks quickly to avoid holing. The difference between jury-rigging your "mother ship" or having to abandon it altogether can be a matter of minutes in a dismasting. Trouble is, your rigging was designed for ultimate strength and staying power, so getting free of the tangle before irreparable damage is done by the downed mast means that you've got to have the right tools on hand.

Hard experience shows that hacksaws, bolt and chain cutters don't cut it. Hydraulic rigging cutters, however, cut the time down to seconds per shroud or stay. Even injured, dazed, or diminutive crew can handle these powerful tools. These cutters deliver tons of cutting force and are capable of slicing cable, wire rope, soft steel bolts, CU & AL wire, & ACSR. They will also cut rebar, ground & anchor rod, and standard guy wire.

#SRHC-16PL $1,495.00