Trapeze Harnesses

Get the ultimate in racing performance with these high-tech sailing trapeze harnesses by Banks, Magic Marine, Zhik and Gill. Each and every trapeze harness for sale at Landfall® has been employee tested and approved for quality, comfort and overall user satisfaction. These are the absolute best and safest dinghy racing harnesses on the market to help you race better and faster. From the full-featured Zhik T2 Trapeze Harness to the safe yet affordable Magic Marine Smart Harness, Landfall® has the right harness for you.

The Zhik T2 Harness is a high-performance racing harness featuring a Kevlar reinforced seat, padded shoulders and heavy-duty fittings for years of comfortable, contoured wear. Another one of our most popular options is the Magic Marine Pro Racing Harness that features a six-part fixation and heavy polyester materials. If you have questions about proper fitting or trapeze safety, please feel free to give us a call at 800-941-2219 or stop by our Stamford, Conn. store to try one on in person. Don't forget to peruse our entire variety of dinghy racing hiking gear and accessories for more.