Hiking Equipment and Accessories

Make hiking easier and safer with this variety of dinghy hiking equipment and accessories from Landfall®. We have hiking pads, foot loops, release spreaders, tube spreaders, rescue tools and apparel by performance wear brands such as Magic Marine, Gill and Zhik to enhance your hiking ability. Adjustable, lightweight hiking straps provide the security and confidence required to lean back, while pads will reduce bruises and pain in high-impact areas.

You'll feel comfortable and safe in hiking-specific garments that are designed to keep you protected without limiting your body's range of motion. Trapeze users love Landfall's selection of pinnies that are worn over your life jacket and harness to keep all layers out of harm's way and under control. They also make great dinghy racing uniforms for the whole team. These are high-quality hiking rash guards made with heavy quality yet soft materials.