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High Tech Single Braids

Rig better with high-tech single braid lines from Landfall®. High tech single braids excel in multipart purchase systems, or as wire replacement. Utilizing fibers like Dyneema, and Vectran, these lines are exceptionally lightweight and strong and are perfect in race critical applications. Please note that this type of sailing line is not designed to be used in applications where it will be held in the hand.

If you're looking for a quality single braid Dyneema sailing rope with high-strength and minimal creep, you'll love Marlow Excel D12 MAX 78. This line is strong enough for standing rigging and will remove weight from the rig when compared to wire. Check out the HTS 78 Dyneema single braid from New England Ropes for a great line to use in purchase systems. Browse all of our sailing lines for more.