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High-Tech Double Braids

Upgrade to high-tech double braid lines if you need low-stretch, high-strength sailing line for sheets, controls, halyards and more. Materials like Dyneema and Vectran make up the cores of these lines. These fibers offer unsurpassed strength and low stretch for their diameter. The high-tech double braids at Landfall have a variety of covers to suit any application. Whether you need an exceptionally strong spinnaker halyard for a yacht or a soft, low stretch sheet for a dinghy, we have you covered.

See what the buzz is all about with Excel Matrix from Marlow. The soft, grippy cover and low-stretch Dyneema core make this line an excellent sheet on dinghies or a great control line on larger boats. High-tech double braids are a smart choice for any high load application in which the line will be regularly handled. You can always contact Landfall® if you need expert advice on which type of sailing line to buy for your budget and needs.