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Captain Henry E. Marx

Captain Henry E. Marx is owner and president of Landfall Navigation. Purchased by Capt. Marx in 1982, Landfall offers a worldwide nautical chart, publications, and navigation instrument inventory; a large maritime technical library; a full line of marine safety equipment; a large sportswear department; and navigation and marine safety seminars. As part of his marine education effort, Capt. Marx has produced an instructional videotape entitled LORAN C A Navigator's Approach. He holds copyrights on two navigation and one marine safety courses which he regularly teaches. Capt. Marx was a participant/cadre in the August 2005 Crew Overboard Symposium in San Francisco Bay hosted by John Rousmaniere and Chuck Hawley.

An experienced blue water sailor, Capt. Marx has sailed and raced for over 65 years on the east and west coasts of the US, the southern coast of Norway, and the Caribbean. He has served in a Norwegian Flag oil tanker as a seaman and his military service was in the US Naval Reserve in Diesel Submarines. He spent over 30 years delivering private yachts with his longest yacht delivery being of a 50 foot trawler yacht from San Francisco, CA to Stamford, CT via the Panama Canal in 1981. From 1992-94, Capt. Marx served on the Committee on Nautical Charting of the Marine Board division of the National Academy of Science reviewing NOAA Chart Making. In 2006 he was elected to membership in the Storm Trysail Club and the CCA.IN 2013. Also in 2013 he was names a Moderator for the U. S. Sailing Near Coastal Safety @ Sea Seminar Program and in 2014 a member of the CCA Safety @ Sea Committee.

You may contact Henry by phone or email at Landfall Navigation: (203) 554-3981 or landfallnav@landfallnavigation.com