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Kaenon was founded by elite-level sailor and Olympic sailing coach Steve Rosenberg, so you can trust the brand if you're in the market for high-performance sailing sunglasses that stay put. Kaenon sunglasses have a distinctly sporty Southern California aesthetic and are built with innovative technologies for exceptional clarity in every lens. Landfall® stocks attractive Kaenon athletes' sunglasses that are appropriate for sailors, racers and boardsport enthusiasts.

  • Kaenon Kore

    Kaenon Kore

    Code: MKORE
  • Kaenon Hard Kore

    Kaenon Hard Kore

    Code: MKHAR
  • Kaenon S-Kore

    Kaenon S-Kore

    Code: MKSKORE
  • Kaenon X-Core

    Kaenon X-Core

    Code: MKXKORE
  • Kaenon Burnet

    Kaenon Burnet

    Code: MKBUR
  • Kaenon Clarke

    Kaenon Clarke

    Code: MKCLARKE
  • Kaenon Hutch

    Kaenon Hutch

    Code: MKHUTCH
  • Kaenon Kanvas

    Kaenon Kanvas

    Code: MKANVAS
  • Kaenon Georgia

    Kaenon Georgia

    Code: MKGEO
  • Kaenon Eden

    Kaenon Eden

    Code: MKEDEN
  • Kaenon Arlo

    Kaenon Arlo

    Code: MKARL
  • Kaenon Rhino

    Kaenon Rhino

    Code: MKRHI
  • Kaenon Jetty

    Kaenon Jetty

    Code: MKJET
  • Kaenon Pintail

    Kaenon Pintail

  • Kaenon Klay

    Kaenon Klay

    Code: MKKLAY
  • Kaenon Lewi

    Kaenon Lewi

    Code: MKLEWI
  • Kaenon Bluesmaster

    Kaenon Bluesmaster

  • Kaenon Ballister

    Kaenon Ballister

  • Kaenon Spindle

    Kaenon Spindle


We carry award-winning Kaenon shades for watersports, including styles featuring the brand's proprietary polarized SR-91 lens that shields out glare and creates a more comfortable viewing experience regardless of the sun's power. Our Kaenon catalog includes everything from vintage-inspired frames appropriate for street wear to performance sport shades that help you focus in high-stakes competitions. Each style from Landfall® is available in a huge selection of colors.