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Happy Thanksgiving

Whether you travel or stay home as we kick off this holiday season, we at Landfall hope you may do so safely and with the company of family, friends or new acquaintances.

In keeping touch with our roots, We'd like to share with you this following poem, which in some publications has been quoted as being written by "A Patriotic New Englander". While this poem was obviously written within a much different time in our country's past, it speaks to the capacity, promise and opportunity inherent within the American experiment and exemplifies on what we all have to be thankful for.

Happy Thanksgiving.

It is a wealthy people
   Who sojourn in that land,
Their churches all with steeples
   Most delicately stand;
Their houses, like the gilly,
   Are painted white and gay
They flourish like the lily
   In North Americay.

Their land with milk and honey
   Continually doth flow,
The want of food or money,
   They very seldom know;
They heap up golden treasure,
   They have no debts to pay,
They spend their time in pleasure,
   In North Americay.

On Turkeys, Fowls and Fishes
   Most Frequently they dine;
With well-replenished dishes
   Their tables always shine.
They crown their feasts with butter,
   They eat and rise to pray;
In silks their ladies flutter,
   In North Americay.

-Excerpt from Harper's New Monthly Magazine, Vol.11 Edited by, Henry Mills Alden Harper & Brothers, 1855

Happy Thanksgiving