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Hammerhead Radio Direction Finder

The Hammerhead Radio Direction Finder (RDF) is one of the easiest to use and most accurate hand held automatic radio direction finders. The Hammerhead allows the crew on the boat or ship to immediately locate and retrieve a man-overboard that is wearing an activated PLB. This RDF can receive the following frequencies [MHz]: Emergency channel frequency: 121.500 -- Test channels/frequencies: 121.600, 121.650, 121.775.

Just turn it on. The directional indicator shows the direction to the beacon (automatic mode). That's all there is to it. No guessing or having to interpret the signal strength or right-left-center indicators as with other systems. The large bright LED display is easy to read even in direct sunlight.

Hammerhead Radio Direction Finder: The directional indicator shows the direction to the beaconUnlike directional antenna systems, the user must interpret the signal strength to determine the direction of the beacon. The signal strength may vary due to waves and movement of the beacon. In other situation, the signal strength does not vary by much making it dificult to determine the direction of the beacon

In systems using phase techniques and only with two antennas, they typically have right, left and center indicators, making them difficult to use and can be prone to error.

Kit includes: Hammerhead direction finder * Siren * 12V accessory power adapter * Two rubber ducky antennas * 8 AA batteries and battery holders * Waterproof equipment case (IP68, airtight, waterproof, shockproof)* Shoulder strap for equipment case * Pull out lid foam doubles as test beacon floatation device

Hammerhead Radio Direction Finder
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