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Sailing Directions Worldwide

Sailing Directions (Enroute) are published to cover the harbors, coasts, and waters of the world. Each publication is divided into geographic areas called sectors and includes detailed coastal and port approach information which supplements the largest scale chart of the area. Each sector contains information about the coastal winds, currents, ice, dangers, features and ports, as well as a graphic key to the largest scale charts available in the area.

Sailing Directions (Planning Guide) are intended to assist mariners in planning ocean passages and to eliminate duplication by consolidating useful information about all the countries adjacent to a particular ocean basin in one volume. Each publication is divided into geographic areas by country or ocean and includes detailed information about the electronic navigation, recommended routes, traffic separation schemes, buoyage system, currency, government, holidays, industries, languages, territorial waters, time zone, US Embassy and other pertinent subjects.

Sailing Directions

PUB. 120
Pacific Ocean & Southeast Asia (Planning Guide)

#PD120 $45.00

PUB. 123
Southwest Coast of Africa (Enroute)

#PD123 $20.00

PUB. 124
East Coast of South America (Enroute)

#PD124 $40.00

PUB. 125
West Coast of South America (Enroute)

#PD125 $35.00

PUB. 126
Pacific Islands (Enroute)

#PD126 $42.00

PUB. 127
East Coast of Australia & New Zealand (Enroute)

#PD127 $45.00

PUB. 131
Western Mediterranean (Enroute)

#PD131 $45.00

PUB. 132
Eastern Mediterranean (Enroute)

#PD132 $35.00

PUB. 140
North Atlantic Ocean, Baltic, North & Mediterranean Sea's (Planning Guide)

#PD140 $45.00

PUB. 141
Scotland (Enroute)

#PD141 $45.00

PUB. 142
Ireland & the West Coast of England (Enroute)

#PD142 $35.00

PUB. 143
West Coast of Europe & Northwest Africa (Enroute)

#PD143 $40.00

PUB. 145
Nova Scotia & the St. Lawrence (Enroute)

#PD145 $45.00

PUB. 146
Newfoundland, Laborador & Hudson Bay (Enroute)

#PD146 $48.00

PUB. 147
Caribbean Sea, Vol. 1 (Enroute), Bermuda, Bahamas, & Islands of the Caribbean Sea

#PD147 $30.00

PUB. 148
Caribbean Sea, Vol. 2 (Enroute)

#PD148 $30.00

PUB. 153
West Coasts of Mexico & Central America (Enroute)

#PD153 $25.00

PUB. 154
British Columbia (Enroute)

#PD154 $40.00

PUB. 155
East Coast of Russia (Enroute)

#PD155 $30.00

PUB. 157
Coasts of Korea & China (Enroute)

#PD157 $30.00

PUB. 158
Japan, Vol. 1 (Enroute)

#PD158 $35.00

PUB. 159
Japan, Vol. 2 (Enroute)

#PD159 $33.00

PUB. 160
South Atlantic Ocean & Indian Ocean (Planning Guide)

#PD160 $35.00

PUB. 161
South China Sea & the Gulf of Thailand (Enroute)

#PD161 $24.00

PUB. 162
Philippine Islands (Enroute)

#PD162 $46.00

PUB. 163
Borneo, Jawa, Sulawesi, & Nusa Tenggara (Enroute)

#PD163 $46.00

PUB. 164
New Guinea (Enroute)

#PD164 $40.00

PUB. 171
East Africa & the South Indian Ocean (Enroute)

#PD171 $35.00

PUB. 172
Red Sea & the Persian Gulf (Enroute)

#PD172 $41.00

PUB. 173
India & the Bay of Bengal (Enroute)

#PD173 $36.00

PUB. 174
Strait of Malacca & Sumatra (Enroute)

#PD174 $30.00

PUB. 175
North & West Coast of Australia (Enroute)

#PD175 $31.00

PUB. 180
The Arctic Ocean (Planning Guide)

#PD180 $17.00

PUB. 181
Greenland & Iceland (Enroute)

#PD181 $31.00

PUB. 182
North & West Coasts of Norway (Enroute)

#PD182 $32.00

PUB. 183
Northern Coast of Russia (Enroute)

#PD183 $22.00

PUB. 190
North Sea & Baltic Sea (Planning Guide)

#PD190 $22.50

PUB. 191
English Channel (Enroute)

#PD191 $25.00

PUB. 192
North Sea (Enroute)

#PD192 $35.00

PUB. 193
Skagerrak & Kattegat (Enroute)

#PD193 $30.00

PUB. 194
Baltic Sea: Southern Part (Enroute)

#PD194 $40.00

PUB. 195
Gulf of Finland & Gulf of Bothnia (Enroute)

#PD195 $22.00

PUB. 200
Antarctica (Planning Guide & Enroute)

#PD200 $26.00

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