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Garmin - AIS Comparability Announcement

28 June 2012

Earlier this month Garmin issued two emails related to the compatibility of some of their software products are required to be updated in order to be full compatible with the Kennad Automatic Identification System (AIS) Transponder. The emails sent out from Garmin are in their entirety below.


Garmin Kannad Safelink R10 Survivor Recovery Systems Alert


Garmin advises that the software versions listed in Tuesday's e-mail that are described as being affected by the Kannad SafeLink R10 test signals are actually the updated versions that need to be installed to avoid the problem.

The affected software that is in urgent need of updating is:
  • GPSMAP 4008/4010/4012/4208/4210/4212: Software version 7.20
  • GPSMAP 5008/5208/5012/5212/5015/5215: Software version 7.20
  • GPSMAP 6008/6208/6012/6212: Software version 4.20
  • GPSMAP 7012/7212/7015/7215: Software version 4.20
  • GPSMAP 720/740/750/720s/740s/750s: Software version 3.70

  • The Garmin software update to correct the Kannad issue was released on May 25 of this year. If you have any of the above-referenced Garmin chartplotters with the software versions listed above and you have not downloaded and updated your software since that time, you need to update it to correct the Kannad issue. Please follow the instructions sent in Tuesday's email on this topic.

    From: Garmin International, Inc. re: Kannad SafeLink R10 Survivor Recovery Systems To: Newport Bermuda Race Captains

    It has recently come to Garmin's attention that test signals from Kannad SafeLink R10 Survivor Recovery Systems may inadvertently cause Garmin GPSMAP chartplotters with the software versions stated below to shut down unexpectedly. Garmin has updated its chartplotter operating system software to prevent this from occurring. The software updates are easily downloaded from our web site at http://www8.garmin.com/support/software/marine.html and should be uploaded into your Garmin chartplotter by SD card.

    Please note that the following devices and software versions have been determined by Garmin to be affected:
  • GPSMAP 4008/4010/4012/4208/4210/4212: Software version 7.30
  • GPSMAP 5008/5208/5012/5212/5015/5215: Software version 7.30
  • GPSMAP 6008/6208/6012/6212: Software version 4.30
  • GPSMAP 7012/7212/7015/7215: Software version 4.30
  • GPSMAP 720/740/750: Software version 3.80

  • This software update should only be performed on vessels with the above-referenced Garmin chartplotters and software versions. Beginning on Wednesday, June 13, Garmin will have two Marine Technicians present in Newport to provide support to race participants. These Garmin representatives will come equipped with fifty (50) SD cards to facilitate the software downloads on appropriate vessels with Garmin equipment onboard.

    Because the Kannad device test signals may shut down any Garmin chartplotters within range of the test being performed, it is important that vessels with the above-referenced Garmin chartplotters and software versions upgrade the software even if you and your crew are not using the Kannad SafeLink devices.

    To make appointments for Wednesday, June 13 and Thursday, June 14, please contact the following Garmin technicians:

    Zerek Wilkinson: (913) 230-3594; zerek.wilkinson@garmin.com Craig Wood: (954) 895-6885; craig.wood@garmin.com

    In the meantime, should you have any problems with your software update, please contact our technical support staff at (800) 800-1020 from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm Central Time.

    Garmin is proud to support participants in the historic Newport Bermuda Race, and looks forward to providing continued assistance to its valued Marine customers.


    For More information or any questions related to the above emails and your Garmin chart-plotter and software, call Landfall at 1.300.941.2219 to speak with a marine electronics specialist.

    Garmin - AIS Compatibility Announcement