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Gill Foul Weather Gear

Whether you're racing, cruising, day sailing, fishing or power boating, Gill foul-weather gear is an excellent line for performance apparel that will keep you warm, dry and comfortable. Gill makes sport-specific apparel - including the top-performing Gill drysuits, Gill racing jackets, Gill dinghy gear, Gill sailing gloves and Gill spray gear - that is all ranked on the brand's innovative five-dot system that helps you adapt your wardrobe to the climate, whether it be moderate or extreme. Essentially, the Gill ranking system goes from good breathability and moderate durability (one dot) to very high breathability and exceptional durability (five dots) to make choosing Gill apparel simple. Learn more about the Gill Five-Dot Ranking System in our Gill Fabric Guide and Gill Dot System Guide.

For foul-weather gear, Gill has manufactured a selection of high-performing apparel options for any sport. Choose the five-dot rated Gill OC1 and OS1 lines for the best performance while cruising (OS1) and racing (OC1); the four-dot rated Gill KB12 line for racing; two-dot rated Gill apparel for dinghy racing, inshore wear or day sailing; and one-dot rated Gill apparel for onshore wear or as a mid-layer. Gill's best sailing line - Gill OS 2 - ranks a three out of five on the Gill Five-Dot Scale and is widely considered to be the most breathable, lightweight, flexible and waterproof sailing apparel on the market. A must for serious sailors! Check our site often to shop Gill foul-weather gear on sale.