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Frostbite Drysuit Special

The perfect combination of warmth and mobility meet with this set-up exclusively from Landfall. We combine the ultra-light, ultra-warm Mustang EP Regulate Baselayers, both top and bottom with teh ever-popular Gill Pro Drysuit. If purchased separately, this package would cost you nearly $750. If you purchase this set-up as a package you'll save nearly $100. We're only running this package for a limited time, get yours before this offer ends.

Frostbite Drysuit Special
#MG4802-SMSL608-SMSL607 List Price $748.90Only $650.00
Gill Drysuit MG4802: 
Mustang EP Baselayer-Top SMSL607: 
Mustang EP Baselayer-Bottom SMSL608: 

  • Gill Drysuit Description
  • Mustang EP Base Layers Description
The Gill Pro Drysuit is probably the most popular drysuit for young sailors in the US. The suit uses Gill's 5-Dot fabric for 100% waterproof and breathable protection. Rubber booties keep the feet dry and neoprene neck and wrist seals are more comfortable and durable than the classic rubber ones. This suit is a must have for college or high school sailors in colder climates.
Outperforms pure-wool or synthetic garments
on the water so you can stay dry and warm all day

  • AQUA ENDURANCE - The quick-drying synthetic component of our base layers wicks moisture away from skin and regulates temperature during heavy activity, and by being fused with merino wool, superior thermal protection is provided even when soaked or resting.
  • ADAPTIVE COMFORT - Regulate keeps you comfortable and focused on the task at hand with flat-lock seam construction and the natural odor control and comfort of wool and quick drying properties of synthetics.
  • RESPONSIVE FIT - Compatible with Mobility Based Sizing TM to ensure fit with our EP outerwear. The top features a crew neck to minimize interference and the addition of stretch synthetics in the bottoms reduces wear and retains fit.
  • PERFORMANCE REGULATE - Engineered to integrate seamlessly with other Mustang Survival outerwear with different weights and cuts to match conditions.
    • Gill Side Zip PFD

      Gill Side Zip PFD

      snug fit/less to snag on
      Code: SG4913
    • Stohlquist Edge PFD

      Stohlquist Edge PFD

      Code: SQEDGE