Here at Landfall®, we know how difficult it can be to find the right winch for your unique needs. We've hand-selected a variety of high-quality sailing winches by Harken and Anderson to ensure that you get the quality, durability and value required for your boat and its unique applications. We stock Harken Radial winches, powered winches, racing winches and more that are available in a selection of materials, including chrome, stainless steel, bronze and carbon fiber. Additionally, we carry Anderson stainless steel winches that offer exceptional quality for small yachts.

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We have the best-selling Harken Performa winch that combines the efficiency of Radial winches with the comfort of carbon-fiber. We also carry Harken winch electrical components, including winch deck switches, circuit breakers, control boxes and load controllers for replacing parts or upgrading your Harken electrical winch. If you are unsure which winch or winch part to purchase, simply give us a call toll-free at 800-941-2219 and we'll connect you with an expert. Landfall® is happy to help you find the right winch in a pinch.