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Harken Winches Electrical Components

Power Harken electrical winches safely and reliably with these Harken winch electrical components. These powered components are safe for on-board use and are easy to add as new powering solutions or upgrades to your existing or new winch. Harken’s electric winches each require one control box, one circuit breaker and two analog switches or one Digital System Switch for powering. Be sure to determine the battery voltage and size of your winch to ensure that you purchase the appropriate powering supplies.

Landfall® provides Harken deck switches, covered circuit breakers, electrical control boxes and load controllers for Harken winches. Please note that the new electric Radial and Performa electric winches come standard with the appropriate dual-function control box, so be sure to research which parts are included before purchasing components. Note that Harken hydraulic winches are powered by two analog switches or a single Digital System Switch.

Harken Deck Switches

Harken Electrical Control Boxes

Harken Circuit Breakers with Covers

Harken Load Controllers