Harken Load Controllers: Horizontal, Vertical, Radial

Improve the safety and longevity of your Harken electric winches with optional Harken Load Controllers. Although Harken winches don’t require load controllers for power, we recommend them for adding protection to the system. Harken winch load controllers are electronic systems that protect Harken winches from overload by temporarily interrupting the power supply that runs to the winch. Each Harken Load Controller from Landfall® comes with standard overload settings pre-installed.

Landfall® has Harken winch load controllers for horizontal motor winches, vertical motor winches and classic winches. The WLC200R load controllers are designed specifically for use with your Harken Radial winches. Each category includes various options to match the size and battery voltage of your specific winch. You may purchase all the required powering parts for your winch in our Harken winch electrical components section.

Harken load Controllers - Horizontal Motor Winches

Harken Load Controllers - Vertical Motor Winches

Harken Load Controller for Classic Winches