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Harken Sail Handling Systems

Whether you need a new batt-car system for creating an extra efficient sail shape or need a furling system for your small or large boat, Landfall® has the appropriate option for you in our selection of sail handling systems. We've got Harken Mainsail Handling Systems and Harken Headsail Handling Systems to help you find the right handling systems and furlers for your unique needs. Harken is our preferred sail handling system brand, as each system is proven for reliability, efficiency and value. When you choose a Harken batt-car system in place of your basic in-boom or in-mast furling system, you can save a ton while decreasing friction and increasing efficiency on board.

Harken Mainsail Handling Systems

Harken Headsail Handling Systems

Buy sail handling parts individually and customize your system with headsail handling parts, including racing foil, furling and jib reefing. We also carry a great selection of Harken furling accessories, such as lead blocks and shackles, to help you keep your handling system in tip-top shape regardless of regular wear and abuse. Landfall® has a team of expert riggers on hand to help our customers find the appropriate sail handling parts and systems for their unique needs. Don't hesitate to reach out to us with your questions, comments or concerns. We can also assist with sizing if you aren't sure which size sail handling system will work with your boat.