Whether you need to replace worn-out padeyes or are looking for great new ways to mount blocks, our selection of deck and hull fittings surely includes a component for you. We carry fixed, folding and removable padeyes, loups, eyestraps, stand-up springs and boots by Harken and Ronstan in this overflowing assortment. Various loups are available for soft rigging in high-energy environments. We have Harken loups that are designed to match various attachment methods and strengths. These ready-made rigging attachments are strong enough to replace your stainless steel shackles.

Deck and Hull Fittings

Harken padeyes are designed for versatile block mounting and may also be used as attachment points for your reefing blocks, staysails and much more. Choose from standard padeyes, fixed padeyes, removable padeyes and folding padeyes in our selection. Folding padeyes are great if you need to keep your deck or another passageway clear, while fixed padeyes are recessed into the deck for a low-profile design. If you aren't sure which type of padeye to choose, feel free to reach out to Landfall® toll-free at 800-941-2219. We're happy to help.