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Drogues are usually trailed astern, with the intention of allowing your boat to keep its stern to the wind, but slowing its speed to keep control and avoid pitchpoling. Galerider's parabolic, webbed construction slows the flow of water rather than simply blocking it -- allowing tremendous energy dissipation without creating a shock load during sudden acceleration (as in down the face of a monster wave). Such loads have been known to rupture the conventional ParaTech Sea Anchor, and strip attachment hardware from the deck.

Hathaway, Reiser and Raymond has applied modern fluid dynamics to the ancient art of sea anchors

Galerider Drogue

Use a Galerider to Steer Without a Rudder

Galerider's design applies modern fluid dynamics to the problem, resulting in a drogue which can be deployed smoothly, provide positive control, easy retrieval, and compact storage. One of the most compelling benefits of the Galerider drogue is the preservation of steerage control, since the flow-through effectively allows you to maintain two or three knots speed. The drogue provides elastic, but high resistance to eliminate surfing, yawing, and pitchpoling tendencies. In the trough, it continues to provide low resistance for steering control. The Galerider makes it possible to set and keep a downwind course.

Click here to Download the Guide to Steering without a Rudder

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