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Marine SAR Receiver RDF

FTV 468C
Tracker revolutionized the search for ELT, EPRIB, Mini/B and PLB transmitters by search and rescue crews, Civilian Air Patrol and military personnel with the first pocket sized portable radio direction finder receiver.

Using the FTV 468 C receiver, you can track emergency transmitters on the 121.5 MHz emergency frequencies plus 121.6 frequency range for practice.

Features: Compact Size, only 8 x 2" x 1 (with antennas folded) and fits into a leather holster that can be worn on a belt. Durable Construction: The receiver is housed in a casing that is milled from a solid aluminum bar. In addition, the antenna elements are virtually unbreakable. The durability of the receiver permits a warrantee of 10 years on the body and antenna and 3 years on the electronics. Two channels - Search and Training: All Tracker FTV series Receivers have two channels that are conveniently switched with a single button. Channel 2 is used as a training frequency to keep teams at a high level of preparedness.

No Longer Available

Man Overboard
Man Overboard

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