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FSE Robline Dinghy Sheet

Polyester Nylon 16 Cover with a Polyester Core

Combines all of the characteristics one could possibly want in a sheet. It does not kink, provides a fantastic grip and has a compact, round shape. Improved production method makes it possible for the polyester sheathing to exhibit enhanced abrasion resistance, high grip and UV resistance. The choice of Olympic champions, this sheet is perfect for those wanting to perform at their best.

Common Applications: Great as a mainsheet or jibsheets on dinghies. Designed specifically for use as a Laser mainsheet.

  • Specifications
Dinghy Sheet
Ø Länge/Length MBL Gewicht/Weight Farbe & Bestellnummer/Color & Item no.  
[mm] [m] [daN] [g/m] rot-grau/red-gray schwarz-grau/black-gray
6 200 425 19 2970 2971
7 200 600 32 9032 2972
8 200 750 40 2973 2974