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Cold Weather - Hot Sailing

The Cool Weather is here and for those of us north of Mason-Dixon Line that means Frostbite Sailing...Yes, in the little boats.
Landfall is here to help you get out there comfortably this fall and winter. Check out our Dry Suit Kit to prepare for those nasty, snotty days when those of less poor souls with less verisimilitude and gumption when compared to yourself, will be sitting back by the fire drinking cocoa and planning vacations to warmer climates. Your not like that, though...You're a frostbiter.

Want To Know More About How To Dress For Frostbiting?
Then be sure to schedule a Frostbiting Clothing Gear-up Sessions

Everything you wanted to know about how to dress for Frostbiting, but were afraid to ask

Typically these sessions are hosted by your local frostbite club.
They take a little over an hour and are a super informative way for you and your club to learn more about modern fabrics and some new concepts in layering and preparing for the nasty weather that makes frostbiting so unique.
Learn more about
  • Layering clothing
  • Dressing for variable weather conditions
  • Wet weather gear
  • Dry weather gear

  • To Schedule a Gear-Up Session for your Club Call 1.800.941.2219 and ask for Eric Magnuson.
    Or Email Eric eric at landfallnav dot com.

    Frostbiting 2015

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