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The Trade Wind Foodie

ISBN: 9781846235023 / IB0208
Sailing the world discovering and cooking good food

by Rod Heikell

The title of Rod Heikellís latest writing only hints at this bookís content and coverage. Five years ago the author and his wife, Lu, set out on a circumnavigation and the opening part of The Trade Wind Foodie is an account of the successive westbound passages first to the Caribbean and then on through the Panama Canal to the Pacific, Australia and the Indian Ocean. Thereís plenty of practical advice as well as entertaining asides in Rodís inimitable style on the incidents that contributed to the adventure. Throughout, however, there is a slant towards provisioning, cooking on board and discovering food and restaurants at the numerous landfalls.

Rod Heikell provides an extensive selection of tried and tested dishes in the second part of the book. Cooking at sea is an art and Rodís selection provides a great range of recipes that are practical under most sea conditions. Softcover. 290 pages. Pub 2013.

The Trade Wind Foodie
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