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FLIR First Mate
Handheld Thermal Imager

First Mate gives every mariner the power to see at night like never before. The world's first waterproof, handheld, high-performance maritime thermal night vision camera that is also affordable. First Mate lets you navigate with confidence anywhere, anytime! Whether you're on a yacht, recreational powerboat, fishing boat, sailboat, or anything in between, you'll be able to see clearly and navigate safely in total darkness.

First Mate gives you the power to see more - and to see farther - than every other night vision technology around:

  • See clearly in total darkness - unlike other night vision systems, First Mate requires no light at all
  • See logs, rocks, land, and other hazards that radar can miss
  • Boat with confidence at night knowing that you can see harbor entrances and navigation channels in total darkness.
  • See with FLIR's award-winning maritime thermal night vision technology in the palm of your hand

First Mate can help you see people in the water better than any other night vision technology. Finding someone in the water after dark with a searchlight is more a matter of luck than skill, but First Mate lets you search large areas quickly. Bottom Line: There is no better tool around to help you find a person in the water.

Flexible Thermal Night Vision for any Vessel
The First Mate thermal night vision camera basic package comes with everything you need to navigate with confidence, 24 hours a day, including:
  • Switch between White-hot and Black-hot image presentation modes
  • On-Screen Symbology
  • An Optional 2x Lens Extender for Improved Long-Range Imaging Performance

Use Anywhere You Need to See at Night
Because First Mate isn't permanently mounted to the vessel, you can take it anywhere you need to see clearly after dark.

FLIR First Mate

HM-224 Handheld Thermal Imager
HM-224 Handheld Thermal Imager

SKU 37330 Part 432-0004-01-00S
Standard Version

#NFHM224 $3,149.00

HM-224 PRO Handheld Thermal Imager
HM-224 PRO Handheld Thermal Imager

SKU 37331 Part 432-0004-03-00S
all features of the Standard w/ 2x E-Zoom & Image Capture

#NFHM224P $4,199.00

HM-324  XP Handheld Thermal Imager
HM-324 XP Handheld Thermal Imager

SKU 38542 Part 432-0004-05-00S
320 x 240 Still Image Storage

#NFHM324 $5,249.00

HM-324 XP+ Handheld Thermal Imager
HM-324 XP+ Handheld Thermal Imager

SKU 38543 Part 432-0004-07-00S
320 x 240 Video & Still Image Storage

#NFHM324P $6,299.00

Rigid Camera Case, Yellow
Rigid Camera Case, Yellow

SKU 37330 Part 432-0004-01-00S
This tactical carrying case is constructed from durable ABS plastic to withstand harsh conditions shock vibration and moisture. FLIR designed this case to protect its First Mate cameras for transport and field use. Available in yellow only.

#NFHMC List Price $249.99Only $245.00