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C-Map NT+ SuperLakes Series FHS Maps

aka. NT+ Special
Freshwater boaters and anglers can have it all with C-MAP's SuperLakes+ electronic charts. "Fishing Hot Spots" contour maps, which have long been popular with top freshwater anglers across North America, are now featured in this series of C-cards. C-MAP's 14 regional C-cards for the entire United States are available at $149 $135 per region. When used in a C-MAP compatible chart plotter, each one of these NT+ C-cards will help anglers pinpoint desired gamefish on any body of water and fish them more effectively.

C-Map NT+ SuperLakes Series

FHS Maps Cartridge

C-Map SuperLakes+ Series FHS MapsFishing Hot Spots
Included in every Fishing Hot Spots (FHS) C-card is C-MAP's U.S. Inland Freshwater map featuring detailed shoreline for most U.S. lakes and ponds, and Interstates, highways and county roads provided by TeleAtlas, ideal for fishermen or recreational boaters venturing into smaller lakes and ponds throughout the U.S.

Key Features of FHS Maps: Bottom contours, NavAids, Ledges, Drop-offs, Underwater points, Fish holding areas, Standing timber, Creek channels, Submerged roadbeds, Fence rows, & other bottom structures.

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FHS Maps Cartridge
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