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Maptech ChartKit
Paper Charts

Maptech ChartKit Paper Charts are full color reproductions of government charts! The U.S. Coast Guard, the Bahamas Air / Sea Rescue Association, state marine patrols and commercial fishermen uses these Maptech Paper ChartKits.

Each ChartKit includes a Chartbook Companion CD with all the charts in the kit rasterized, along with Offshore Navigator Lite software, which allows you to use the charts in real-time plotting with your GPS. Individual 22" x 17" charts are spiral bound into easy to use regional collections. These Maptech Paper ChartKits save you up to 90%!
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Maptech Cruising Special
  • One Maptech ChartKit
  • One Maptech Embassy Guide
  • One Maptech Vinyl Zip Cover
  • all three for only $149.95!
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    (The cost of government charts needed to cover all of ChartKit Region 2 would be over $700.)

    For greater local details check out the Maptech Waterproof Chartbooks.
    Looking for Regions 9 or 11, look here Caribbean Yachting Charts.

    Maptech Paper Chart Kit

    Region 2 - 16th Ed.Region 2 - 16th Ed.
    Block Island, RI to the Canadian Border
    Use with New England Guide.

    #40002 List Price $139.95Only $125.00

    Region 3 - 16th Ed.Region 3 - 16th Ed.
    New York to Nantucket and Cape May, New Jersey
    Use with Long Island Sound Guide.

    #40003 List Price $139.95Only $125.00

    Region 4 - 12th Ed.Region 4 - 12th Ed.
    Chesapeake and Delaware Bays

    Use with Chesapeake Bay Guide.

    #40004 List Price $139.95Only $125.00

    Region 6 - 12th Ed.Region 6 - 12th Ed.
    Norfolk, VA to Florida - The Intracoastal Waterway (ICW)
    Use with Chesapeake Bay Guide.

    #40006 List Price $139.95Only $125.00

    Region 7 - 16th Ed.Region 7 - 16th Ed.
    Florida East Coast and the Keys

    Use with Florida Guide.

    #40007 List Price $139.95Only $125.00

    Region 8 - 15th Ed.Region 8 - 15th Ed.
    Florida West Coast and the Keys

    Use with Florida Guide.

    #40008 List Price $139.95Only $125.00

    Region 9 - 7th Ed.Region 9 - 7th Ed.
    The Bahamas to Crooked Island Passage
    NO Chartbook Companion CD-ROM is available for this region.

    Use with Florida Guide.

    #40009 MAP $129.00

    Region 10 - 7th Ed.Region 10 - 7th Ed.
    The Virgin Islands* & Puerto Rico
    (*US, British, & Spanish VI)
    CD-ROM is NOT available

    #40010 List Price $89.95Only $79.00

    Region 12 - 10th Ed.Region 12 - 10th Ed.
    Southern and Central California

    #40012 List Price $109.95Only $99.00

    Region 15 - 5th Ed.Region 15 - 5th Ed.
    Pacific Northwest

    #40015 List Price $139.95Only $125.00

    Region 16 - 4th Ed.Region 16 - 4th Ed.
    New Orleans, LA to Panama City, FL

    #40016 List Price $139.95Only $125.00

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